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Please see information below about the classes and workshops we are currently offering. All classes are $49.00 per person and $39.00 each if you bring a friend.

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“Love Yourself Thin, Weight Loss Hypnosis Class”

(Saturday: Jan 7,2012)

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? Do you eat when you are bored and constantly crave carbohydrates and sweets? Being overweight brings serious health risks. Hypnosis helps you learn to change your relationship with food with positive techniques. This is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change from the inside out. Bring a pillow and blanket or mat to class.

  • Dissolve emotions stored in the subconscious that are blocking you from success.
  • Learn conscious eating processes
  • Learn Life Skills to assist you in developing new ideas and create quality life.
  • Create a shift in your stinking thinking and reprogram your subconscious to lose weight.
  • Become motivated to exercise naturally through hypnosis.
  • Learn a Emotional Release Process that will change your life forever!

Material fee: $25 to cover your Weight loss  Hypnosis Cd and class materials.


Choices (Must Purchase 2 tickets for the Bring Your Friend Price

“Holiday De-Stress Yourself”

(Saturday: Dec 10, 2011 …..1-3pm)

Relax, Receive & Recharge!

Join Robin Hart for a relaxing pampering afternoon where you will have an opportunity to get away from the Holiday De-Stress!  Experience a nurturing Aromatherapy foot bath, while drinking a warm cub of tea. Experience an educational and experiential journey with a foot soak, exfoliation, the stimulating of acupressure points, and a luxurious hydrating foot balm followed by a Guided Relaxation. You will lie down and be guided on an inner journey of relaxation with soothing music and the comforting voice of Robin Hart, Clinic Hypnotherapist. To complete this decadent experience, you will receive your own personal Aromatherapy Spray from Anew perspective Aromas. What a wonderful gift you can give to yourself and a loved one or friends during this busy season!

This is a wonderful way to start your weekend!

Choices (Must Purchase 2 tickets for the Bring Your Friend Price

“Skills for Life Workshop”

(First Saturday of the month Feb 2012 – July 2012…..1-3pm)

This is a course designed to enhance self discovery. The intent of this course is to assist you in developing new ideas and ways to create quality living. To maximize your experience and gain the most benefit from this course, we recommend you do Rapid Eye Technology sessions as well.

      • This is a workshop is designed to enhance self discovery. Inner work is a continuous life process. The more you focus on knowing who you are, the better your life will work.
      • It is meant to dissolve emotions stored in the subconscious that are blocking you.
      • It will increase your knowledge and awareness of why things show up in your life the way they do.
      • You will learn a empowering life physiology & tools that will change the way you perceive your life so you can experience really happiness.
      • Life Skills assist you in developing new ideas and ways to create quality living.
      • Find a wonderful new freedom.
      • You will make new friends and become part of a supportive community of like mind people.
      • You will use the Skills for life workbook which is 100 pages of fundamental philosophy and exercises to assist you in living a peaceful, healthful life.


Price: $300 for 7-class series.

For monthly installment plan, please contact us.

“Basic Meditation Class”

(Saturday: Nov 12, 2011…..1-3pm)

Have you ever wanted to learn to meditate?

The ancient teachers knew that consciousness is linked to the breath and life force. Learn how to calm the mind and open up to your higher state of consciousness. It is amazing how meditation affects your daily life! You will have an opportunity to experience several different styles of meditation.

You are invited to join Robin Hart on an inner journey of self discovery! We will be discussing a variety of meditation techniques and you will receive written materials to support your experience. There is a precious sweet spot inside your heart which will feed your soul like nothing else, through the practice of meditation. Learn how to quiet your thoughts and connect with your true essence. We will cover the importance of posture, and how to create your environment and routine to support your practice.

Start your inner journey today!

Choices (Must Purchase 2 tickets for the Bring Your Friend Price

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