lt’s Time For Bed!

Can you remember as a child when your mother said it was time to go to bed? How did you feel? Children usually don’t want to go to bed because they are afraid they will miss out on something? Awe —those were the good old days! Our parents did know how important was for us to get enough sleep, plus they could use a little break as well. Now we have to parent ourselves. How many of you are good about getting to bed at a reasonable hour?

Too many of us don’t get to bed until well after midnight. “They” say the hours we sleep before midnight are the best sleeping hours for our mind and body. Do you head to our pillow early? I know it’s not easy, sometimes we can become mesmerized by the TV and we will flip from channel to channel or get catch on the computer surfing for hours. Then realize “oh my it’s really late, I better get to bed or I’m going to be exhausted in the morning.” If you don’t get enough sleep you will be dragging the next day. Lack of sleep makes our Cortisol levels go up and this creates belly fat as well and none of us want that.

With our busy lives,  sleep is often the first thing that gets sacrificed. “It’s such a basic need, but millions of us skimp on it,” says Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. “You can’t feel energeticcalm and cheerful if you’re always exhausted.” To get to bed on time, do all the prep  ahead; take out your contacts, brush your teeth, walk the dog etc. long before bedtime so you won’t have any excuses for dawdling.

Make it a positive time to climb in to bed with your favorite book, read a chapter, then close your eyes and/or meditate for 20 minutes. This will slowdown and help relax the mind and allows the sleep vibe to come over you… and you off to zzzz… land…

I have made it a habit to put on a Hypnosis CD  at night to help me fall asleep. I chose a subject I want to enhance or embrace in my life, such as; prosperityloveweight loss or sleep deeply. All the Hypnosis CD’s and MP3’s are designed to move you into a deep relaxation and give your mind something to focus on, which will help you fall a sleep quickly. Using the Sleep headphones (pajamas for the ears) make it comfortable to go to sleep while listening throughout the night. Have your tried this? It really works!

Tell me what works for you….


~Warmly, Robin

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