Do You Have Attention Scatter?

Do you ever say to yourself: 

“I feel so overwhelmed with life, I need balance in my life! I need to work on my health, change my lifestyle. Improve my relationship, and career. Oh, and I also want to lose weight, exercise, make more money, move somewhere else and write a novel…”

I call this “Attention Scatter.” When your “Attention Scatter” is running you,  you are all over the board and this dilutes your focus and your energy. It actually can tire you out and you will become fatigued, at the very least over whelmed!

When you’re “scattering” your energy, it takes twice as long to complete a project and this will affect your self confidence.

Here’s what’s wild, when you focus on one single thing with intention, often the other things you want or need will begin to manifest effortlessly. You will find that you attract the right people, places and things into your life. (OR you will come to realize that you no longer want all those things!)

If you are like so many of our clients, your limiting thoughts and beliefs get in your way, causing you to feel overwhelmed just thinking about all you need and want to do. This keeps you from focusing on what is in front of you and before you know it you are “scattered!”

Chunk things down to small steps, doable steps. Stay focused in the present don’t live in the future for too long. After you have created a plan with steps then bring your awareness back into the NOW.

Perhaps you can pick up some tips that can empower you from this article.

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~Warmly, Robin


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