Inspire and Empower You!

I found a great coaching tool that is affordable and covers every area of your life!

“My passion is to Inspire and Empower you to make music” in all areas of your life, in order to create Happiness, Balance and Wellbeing!

We are a nation which is multi-tasking ourselves to death & we tend to be running on auto-pilot.

Its time for us to take care of ourselves and honor our Dreams and Passion!

It is my great pleasure to assist you in finding the answers right inside of yourself.

Change is an inside job! With the right coach and tools you can TRANSFORM your life!

You can create the shift that will give you A NEW PERSPECTIVE on your life and “Create the Life of Your Dreams”!

Check our my ” Compass Map ” 

Compass MAPs (Monthly Action Plans) are online coaching programs based on hand-picked books.

We collaborate with authors and experts to create programs that help you take small steps each day to improve your life – in any area!

You can make a big difference in just a few minutes a day. Our MAPs are organized into Tracks.  Each track is made up of 3 MAPs.

Pick the area you want to focus on in your life and see for yourself the difference that 90 days can make!

My Goal Is To Support You To:

* Make A Shift In Your Thinking

* Learn New Techniques

* Create Abundant Income

* Support Others In Creating Their Dreams

* Travel To Distant Places

* Create Vibrant Health

* Deepen Your Spirituality

* Improve Your Relationships

* Create More Time

* Live A Balanced Life

* Become More Happy

The time is now, its all we really have!


~Warmly, Robin

Serving the local Portland, Oregon area…including  Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard and Portland Metro area.

Try Anew Perspective Hypnosis CDs & MP3s….If I don’t have what you need, let me know and I will create a CD for you…


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