In all areas of life the most successful people are the ones that have a goal and are motivated.

Whether you need motivation in the area of: Sports, Business, Career, Weight, Happiness or Love, developing a goal is the first step then you add a dash of self motivation and ta-da you have success!

This is not easy for a lot of people. We tend to need that extra push to get us going. First we need to set goals in order to manifest our dreams.  A person with goals and the feeling of motivation is like a coiled spring, ready to jump into action.

A goal is a lot like creating a map for your life, you know where you are going. When you don’t have a goal in place you don’t have a map or blueprint to follow. This generally ends up turning into excuses and then there is a lack of action or follow through. This is where Hypnosis comes in.

If you feel as if you need to constantly find ways to motivate yourself then it’s likely your goals are not defined clearly.  Setting a goal to becoming more motivated is not clear enough. If you have a goal of achieving something specific in your life then its easier to be come motivated and you are setting yourself up for success.

Essentially you must focus your mind in order to active your goal. Hypnotherapy has helped many of our customers/clients become more motivated and overcome procrastination as well as mental blocks that were keeping them from being motivated. Hypnosis helps on a very deep level by inundating the subconscious mind with positive suggestions to help redefine the way you think and feel so you naturally are motivated to active your goals.

How hypnosis can help with motivation:

Student motivation

  • Set study goals and become more motivated to achieve them
  • Easily recall information for exams

Weight loss motivation

       Sports motivation

  •  Creating the feeling of motivation
  •  Programming their mind and body to achieve

Career motivation

  •  Give you an up beat attitude

Team motivation

  • Working towards shared goal
  • Clarify and formulate outcomes

Self motivation tips and skills:

We will be adding a section to our general tips pages very soon. Remember, hypnotherapy is all about self empowerment and self improvement. Accessing your deeper mind is the key!

Trying to make yourself do something creates a clever and nasty trap.  Willpower is not the long term answer although it can be a great way to start to create a change. Hypnotherapy helps you make long term changes in the way that  you are motivating yourself.  All hypnosis is self Hypnosis you have to have the desire and then YOUR subconscious will make it so.

Hypnosis is empowering and teaches you how to build on your own internal resources.


~Warmly, Robin

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