Do you have “Sports Anxiety?”

Have you ever ran a 5k race where you froze up half way though and didn’t think you could finish the race? Did you start to doubt yourself and as soon you did you found yourself slowing down and running out of energy?

Have you ever experienced being stressed out when playing a game?

You might have experienced sports anxiety,or have a fear or phobias surrounding sports.

Is your self confidence affecting your game? Perhaps you are hard on yourself that you begin to feel anxiety. You may need help with self confidence.

Well, these are very common feelings related to sports. These issues can be address  using Hypnosis, EFT or RET.

Amateurs and pros come across a vast amount of pressure, and can be susceptible as well as anyone else.  Pros have used these subconscious learning techniques for years with great success! A good Hypnotherapist can help uncover what the underlying cause is to the issue. You can have fast effect results!  Start the process that can reprogram your subconscious mind, so you can overcome anxiety or fear. This can help form new neuro-pathways in your mind, so you can achieve the success and have the outcome you  or a loved one desires.

Give us a call! Together we can make this happen for you!

~Warmly, Robin


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