Have you ever thought: Maybe hypnosis can help me?

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to overcome habits and triggers. Sometimes we try and try to make a change, and we just can not understand why we struggle to make the changes; such has stop smoking or lose weight. Your mind is more powerful than we realize. Hypnosis trains the mind, so it can finally make the change desired. The key with hypnosis is you have to want the change. No one can make you do anything that you do not want to do. Even a hypnotherapist can not make you change, unless you are willing to accept the change. Sometime we can not get out of our own way, and we need help accessing the deeper part of your mind.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness and yet it is a completely natural state. We have a tendency to move in and out of the state during the day without even realizing it. When you are deep in thought, and your child try’s to get your attention, and you tune them out, this a trance state. You are aware of your child, but you so deeply focused on your thoughts that you tune them out. Perhaps you are driving the car and deep in thought and drive the car without thinking about it, THIS IS HYPNOSIS! So you can see it is very natural. Children are in this mental state often: that is why they can learn a second language so easily. It is a heightened state of learning. This is a powerful time for your subconscious can learn in a new way.

I started using hypnosis 25 years ago. I used it for attracting love. When I had my daughter, I tried hypnosis for childbirth (hypno-birthing). It was amazing how well it worked for me. I worked with my mentor who used Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching and RET. We cleared out triggers and healed negative feels that affected my self esteem. I loved this work so much that we focused on an array of issues, clearing money issues, childhood issues and so much more. It was amazing how I was able to create the change from the inside out.

This is what started me on this journey mentoring others, 17+ years now. I am living my passion as a hypnotherapist. I love my career; this is my calling, and it feeds my heart and soul. I invite you to see if there is an area in your life that you want to improve, be it: health, bad habits, sleep, stress, relationships or even money issues and consider trying hypnosis. It could change your life for the better! Call for an appointment or a consultation. It changed my life and possibly it will yours, as well. I have help 100’s of clients over the years, and I would love to help you! Be sure to sign up to receive your free MP3 to get a taste of how hypnosis can relax you.





Call for your free consultation with Robin Hart. If you are in the Portland Oregon, Beaverton Oregon or Hillsboro Oregon area, you can have an in office  consultation/appointment. If you are further away then we are happy to set up a Skype of phone session.  Call: 503-317-8700.


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