I Create My Life Each Day!

You do and are, creating your life each day, each moment and with each breath! Here we are in January 2016 already… new beginnings! So what changes are you reaching for this year? To win the lottery? It’s over a billion $$$ now, or perhaps to buy a home… travel… lose weight… stop smoking… exercise… become healthier… the list goes on and on.  There are so many possibilities! The world is your oyster as they say. The change begins with-in you. You might think change starts with your thoughts, well… yes and no. Your emotions are the key, and whether you are thinking positively or not. If you are focusing on your goal and yet you feel it’s not really possible or you are doubting it will really happen, then it most probably won’t.

Try tuning into your emotions right now… How do you feel? Happy? If so, how happy? On a scale 1-10 are you feeling above a 7? If not, then this is good feedback about your TRUE state of mind in this very moment. You can focus and think about what you want to create until you’re blue in the face, but if your JOY factor is low then you most probably won’t manifest your dreams; you will manifest what you are feeling. So the key is to get clarity on what you want, and then raise your JOY factor.

The best way to do this is to change your state of mind by recalling something you feel grateful for, such as someone/something that you love deeply or a special place you have been. Just bringing these memories into your awareness and allowing yourself to feel them will uplift you, all while lifting your spirit/emotions. Try it for a moment and see how tangible it is! Once you have achieved this, start to bring your desire/dream into focus. You will feel the difference. Remember, it is important to imagine that you are embodying this feeling as if it was already true. Your subconscious believes everything you imagine and feel to be true, it doesn’t have the conscious awareness to judge if it’s real or not. As you do this you are imprinting this new vision into your deeper mind. Once you really feel and believe it you will attract the right people, places and things to manifest it. It’s amazing how powerful the subconscious is! You are creating your life whether you are aware of it of not.

  1. Decide what your goal is
  2. Test the 1-10 scale on your current emotions
  3. Focus on a happy memory to raise your JOY factor
  4. Once your emotions are up, bring the vision of your goal into your awareness
  5. Make it as real as possible, see it… feel it… hear it…smell it…etc.
  6. Feel it in your body
  7. Breathe in your vision and know it is so
  8. Repeat daily

“I now recognize my creativity and honor it.” ~ Louise Hay

I hope you enjoy this blog!


Robin Hart, M.CH.t





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