Tips For Releasing Negativity

Releasing negative Emotions is the name of the game. The stress of life tends to build up before we are even aware of it. Stress and negativity actually are tangible. We tend to ignore our feelings and suck it up. If we can’t physically touch it we don’t take it seriously. All emotions affect you whether you’re aware of them or not. Emotions and feelings are energy and you can feel that energy in your system…when you’re stressed out you feel tense and uptight.

You can even take on other peoples negative energy. Have you ever gone to the mall and felt overwhelmed? There are a lot of people and energy in a small area, and if you are sensitive it can affect you. I know this one well. As a therapist I have worked with clients who have been very stressed, angry and even toxic emotionally. Years ago I didn’t understand this concept. My clients would feel lighter when they left, but I would leave my office feeling heavy hearted and tired. I had to learn to energetically protect myself so I could be of help, but not take on their energy. Sounds a little crazy I know, but I studied up on this and put the concepts into practice. I found they really work! It is amazing how our mind and body are so connected.

All emotions can be measured in hertz. When we laugh and are having fun our body’s vibrations get lighter, higher and faster. When we feel tired or sick our vibration lowers and is heavier, slower and lower. You can feel this in your body. Joy is a fast vibration and sadness is a very low vibration.

Positive feelings measure at about 0.10 – 0.15  Hz *

Negative feelings measure at about 0.01 – 0.08 Hz *

Google Definition:




plural noun: emotions

  1. a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.”she was attempting to control her emotions.”
  2. synonyms: feeling, sentiment; reaction, response” she was good at hiding her emotions.” passion, strength of feeling, warmth of feeling”overcome by emotion, she turned away”
    • instinctive or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reasoning or knowledge.”responses have to be based on historical insight, not simply on emotion”
    • synonyms: instinct, intuition, gut feeling; sentiment, the heart”responses based purely on emotion”

Quite often what happens is we are unaware of what we’re feeling or experiencing, we are just going through the motions of life. We may push our feelings down and not allow ourselves to feel our emotions. There’s only so long that we can do this. Pushing down your feelings and powering through life is not healthy and it lowers our vibrational hertz. Eventually you will either have an emotional meltdown or you will get physically ill.

Your health is an out picturing of what you’re feeling and/or suppressing. If you tend to have headaches, clench your jaw, hold tension in your neck and shoulders or even have stomach and digestive issues these are all signs of stress and emotions which you have not dealt with properly. (Self Healing MP3)

It’s important to stop what you’re doing and tune in to your thoughts and feelings. Acknowledge what you’re feeling. Just the act of admitting what you feel will begin to defuse the tension. You can’t change what you’re not aware of. As a society we have gotten used to pushing things down and rushing through our lives…we are becoming desensitized. Your body can only handle so much stress and then there is a tipping point and it will go into reaction. Unfortunately I know this one from experience. It’s important to learn how to defuse negativity.

The negativity can build up like dirt. We have to cleanse and release the negative energy and emotions, just like you clean anything. Afterwards you will feel refreshed and clean, like you you have had a wonderful bath or shower. You will feel lighter… freer… refreshed… relaxed… cleansed of negative stress, mentally and emotionally.

Here are some important suggestions:

  1. Imagine shields up all around you, so other peoples energy bounces off.
  2. Take deep relaxing breathes every hour or so.
  3. Tell yourself to S-l-o-w down.
  4. Take a cleansing sea salt or Epson salt bath.
  5. Use therapeutic organic essential oils for stress reduction.
  6. Read something inspirational or watch an inspiring show.
  7. Design a positive affirmation and state it out loud 3 to 5 times while visualizing.
  8. Focus on the things that you’re grateful for and the blessings in your life.
  9. Become aware of your thoughts and feelings and redirect them if necessary.
  10. Listen to relaxing music.

I hope you enjoy this blog!


Robin Hart, M.CH.t


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