Enjoy Life! Easier said that none sometimes. Did you know that you can shift your mood with a thought? Have you ever had that experience? One day I was driving down the highway and a police car came racing up behind me with its lights and siren on and in a nanosecond the adrenaline and panic shot through my entire body! Then, he went around me and I was wiping the sweat off my brow. Now, this amazed me! In one moment I was relaxed and deep in thought and in the next moment my whole body and my emotions were in overdrive. I thought to my self, WOW our thoughts are so powerful!

If we can do that with a thought then imagine what we can do with POSTIVE thoughts. So, I started experimenting with my thoughts and emotions and it works! We can change our experience of this life if we change the way we look at it. Now the key is CHOICE. We must DECIDE to be in control of our thoughts in order to shift them. Quite often we ALLOW ourselves to feel powerless. This is a habit and pattern we learned early on. It takes practice to decide to be happy no matter whats going on in our life. It’s called being in the world but not of the world. Yes, we can’t control others but we can control how we allow others to affect us!

I suggest trying this out in your own life. It can change your whole perspective. Sometimes life can be challenging and we need to ride the wave. It helps to do positive self-talk with yourself and be your own best friend. Tell yourself this too shall pass. Look at what is one thing you can do to take committed action to improve the situation and then choose to let go of the worry and concern. Redirect your thought into something that uplifts you. Play some music, go for a walk, listen to a positive podcast or one of my positive hypnosis journeys. The advantage of the positive hypnosis is you are also reprogramming your deeper mind to live the life you desire, which is so important.

I hope this post inspired and empowered you to play with directing your thoughts and emotions, so you can live the life you deserve!


Robin Hart, M.CH.t






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