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At Anew Perspective Hypnosis & Coaching, we have a passion for educating and assisting people in transforming their lives. We strive to help people live a holistic life, where body, mind and spirit are in balance. The Anew Perspective practitioner is the tour guide, assisting the client in connecting with their inner power so they can live a more fulfilling life.

Robin Hart, CH.t, p.NLP, M.RET

Robin Hart's Headshot smallAnew Perspective Hypnosis & Coaching Founder Robin Hart is a Board-Certified Hypnotist , NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and RET(Rapid Eye Technology). She is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy and is also a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists in America – the largest and oldest hypnosis organization in the world. She is a committed Consulting Hypnotist, NLP/Spiritual Coach, Life Coach, Rapid Eye Technician, Flower Essence Technician, Minister, Reiki Master and Teacher.

Robin has guided numerous clients in transforming their lives over the years. Through the use of dynamic techniques, Robin’s clients have converted a life of discord and bad habits into one where their dreams are manifest. She specializes in weight loss, smoking cessation, deep sadness, extreme fear & worry and more. Hypnosis and NLP Coaching are powerful tools which can help transform your life!

“We all dream from time to time of living a holistic life, where our body, mind and spirit are in balance. Life can be challenging at times and we can easily be pulled off balance. I offer an array of techniques which can assist you in your process of living life holistically. My passion is in educating and assisting people in transforming their lives.”

“The shift is inside the mind of the person who is receiving the hypnosis. The Hypnotist is only the tour guide, who assists you in connecting with your inner power so you can create the awesome life you’ve only dreamt was possible!” ~ Robin Hart

Robin’s education is as follows:

  • Certified Rapid Eye Technician 2007
  • Certified Essential Oil-Emotional Release 2006
  • Knightsbridge Advance Hypnotherapy & NLP 2006
  • Licensed associate minister through Unity Of Beaverton, 2002
  • Completed Soul Purpose Ministries in 2000
  • Certified NLP Counselor in 1999
  • Certified Time Line Therapist in 1999
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through American Institute Of Hypnotherapy in 1998
  • Flower Essence Therapist through the Flower Essence Society in 1998
  • Certified Reiki Master of the Usui lineage in 1991

Marvella McPartland CH.t, p.NLP, M.RET

Marvella McPartlandMarvella McPartland is a Certified Hypno-therapist, Rapid Eye Technician and Skills for Life Coach with a background that includes completing Master Level Reiki training in 2001.

Marvella became a certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner through the Apositiva Institute of Portland, Oregon, and Master Level Rapid Eye Technician through the Rapid Eye Institute in Salem, Oregon.

As an associate Hypnotherapist at Anew-Perspective Hypnosis, she shares in the dedication to empowering and assisting people to achieve their personal goals and expanded well-being, a philosophy that Anew-Perspective Hypnosis and Coaching has embraced since its inception.

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