The Nine Common Thinking Traps That Will Sabotage Your Weight Loss

Weight has been an issue for many of us over the years. It is a journey close to my heart. I started gaining weight at age 16. I discovered years later that there were underlying issues that contributed to my struggle. Hypnosis, NLP and Rapid Eye are wonderful tools to heal the deeper cause. I started using these modalities with my mentor over 23 years ago. Over the last 14 years or so I have...
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Die Sweet Tooth-Die!

Sharing with you a great article I found  By Drew Canole: Do you know the Sweet Tooth Fairy? You’ve probably never seen her (him?), but I’m sure you’ve felt her evil presence. She’s an amazing creature, really. Practically microscopic, this little fairy possesses the ninja skills to take down a 400-pound man. Here’s how I think she does it. She sits on your lip,...
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