Features of the Mind’s Eye Light & Sound Machine

√ 50 different pre-set, goal-specific sessions – The built in library of sessions allows personal development for enhanced learning, stress management, relaxation and entertainment available at the touch of a button.  Or just let your mind wonder and wander.  Goal specific sessions in five different categories:  Relax, Explore, Learn, Change and Energize.  Sessions developed by:  Frank Young, Ph.D., Dr. Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D. and Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.

√ Programmable – add more sessions from separate tapes. Comprehensive users manual included.

√ Expandability – Mind’s Eye accepts Windows PC software programs or sessions you want to explore.  AC adapter for continuous use –        extra charge.  Software extra.

√ Adjustable – light brightness and volume Red light frames included

√ Utility – adjust the volume and LiteFrames while a session is in progress.  Maximum convenience.  Maximum comfort.

√ Capability – Synchronize binaural beat to pulse rate can be added to enhance every session.

√ Soft on/soft off – No abrupt starts and stops. All sessions begin with a gradual increase of brightness and volume, and end with a soft fade off.

√ Start and Pause Button – No need to start a session over if you are interrupted for a moment. Simply pause program in progress and resume when you are ready.

√ Audio crossfades and brightness ramps AudioStrobe™ technology + Deluxe Headphones + External Audio Input capability – these features give you an outstanding light and sound experience.  Create the laser show you want. Subtle audio crossfades (the blending of one sound pattern into another) and brightness rampings are standard features.

√ Sound options – Full binaural audio select from four different sounds. Adjust the pitch, or add a binaural beat synchronized with the pulse of lights.

√ Design – Sleek contemporary, portable design with real keypad. Built in rechargeable NiCad batteries.

Summary:  Lots of features and pre-programmed sessions, small, fully programmable, easy to use, built-in rechargeable batteries, sharp frequency changes for explosive effects, bright red glasses for stronger colors.