Hypnosis and Meditation Glasses – Light and Sound Machines

The “Light & Sound” Mind Machines are powerful tools for personal growth and accelerated learning. When used with your hypnosis or affirmation CD it will help to deepen the process and move you through Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave frequencies in order to help induce hypnosis and accelerate learning. It also can be used to create energy, relaxation, and stimulate creativity.

The Minds Eye & Galaxy Light and Sound Machine are specialized computers which produce flashing lights and pulsing binaural audio beats at very specific frequencies and tones. Imagine, at the press of a button, experiencing a laser light show or soaring into flights of fantasy any time you want! You simply find a quiet place to sit or lie down, then select a pre-set session of scientifically designed sequences (relax, learning, energizing, etc.) of pulsing light and sound frequencies to access different states of mind. They are both great tools to use with our CD line.

PLUS optional PC software * Connect to your PC and design your own sessions! A different kind of mental fitness system… It quiets the mind with the mostenjoyable relaxation sensation, like a massage for your soul as it quiets the mind, and you can do it all in the safety and comfort of your own home.

These are the worlds easiest to operate mind machines, with sophisticated advanced programming which normally is found only on more expensive systems.

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The Galaxy is the junior model Light and Sound Machine. It has 30 pre-set sessions. Though it has fewer features and sessions than the Mind’s Eye, there are thousands of satisfied customers who can attest to its effectiveness. Simple to operate and sturdy, the Galaxy does the job.
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50 different pre-set, goal-specific sessions – The built in library of sessions allows personal development for enhanced learning, stress management, relaxation and entertainment available at the touch of a button. Or just let your mind wonder and wander with goal specific sessions in five different categories: Relax, Explore, Learn, Change and Energize. Sessions developed by: Frank Young, Ph.D., Dr. Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D. and Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.

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