Sleep Headphones

SleepPhones can replace your old earphones with the comfort of fleece. No more bulky uncomfortable gear. Weather you use your SleepPhones for day or night listening or you will find these headphones completely comfortable.

SleepPhones will help you fall asleep in comfort, even if you sleep on your side. You can achieve deep sleep quickly while listening to your hypnosis Cds in comfort. If you have sleep issues than use our Sleep Deeply Cd, Deep Relaxation or Power Nap to assist you in falling asleep. Change your sleeping patterns by inundating your subconscious mind with positive sleep hypnosis. These techniques will create the change you are looking for by affecting your deeper thoughts and feelings in a positive way! Sleep soundly and deeply in comfort with your personal SleepPhones. They come in two colors  lavender or gray.

The added bonus is that when you use the SleepPhones while listening to your hypnosis Cds, it helps to mask any snoring noise as well as other unwanted sounds. These soft fleece earphones will be the most comfortable head phones you have ever worn while sleeping guaranteed. No more bulky head phone that can hurt your ears or dig into your head while sleeping on your side. Now you can be comfortable day or night while listening to your favorite hypnosis Cds.

SleepPhones Size Chart
* Place tape measure around the head above the ears.
Most women are small to medium, and men are medium to large.

If in doubt, choose the smaller size – they are stretchable.

$67.95 on sale for $49.95