“Robin Hart has a softness to her that feels comfortable. If a client was coming in to be heard and wanted to let go of issues with someone they could trust, Robin is a woman of integrity. Her openness and positive vision are useful for the business person and her client-centered posture are right there for therapy. She has served on a committee within an organization we’re in and demonstrated her democratic style and interest in hearing the whole story before making a statement. I recommend Robin Hart for business, therapy or when a good heart is needed.”  ~ Cat  Wilson, Owner of Apositiva Hypnosis, LLC , Portland, Oregon


Remove Blocks
“Robin Hart is an intuitive and sensitive coach. We practiced processes together while in ministry school and her insights and use of healing tools were beneficial. Those who utilize Robin’s skills will remove blocks to living a life they love.” ~ Clara Alexander, Owner of Conscious Choice Ministries, Tigard, Oregon


 Relationship counseling and Life Coach
“We utilized Robin as a relationship coach. Her ability to be objective and non-biased using tools and methods to get at the heart of the matter is amazing. From the first appointment, we had tools and homework that we could take back and utilize and we did and it really helped a lot. I would recommend her to help anyone who is having troubles with anything in there life trying to express their truth. Robin can assist using her clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, and the many other modalities she possesses. We hired Robin as a Life Coach/Life Consultant/Minster. She is truly a blessing. Namaste, Tim Gagnier” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.”  ~TG, Aloha, Oregon


 Panic and Self Esteem
“My life is much fuller since I have worked with Robin and I love her for it! She helped me blow up my fears. In just 2 months she taught me just living life is not enough, you have to experience life!” ~ AB, Hillsboro, Oregon


 Smoking Cessation
“After 30 or more years of smoking 1-2 packs of cigarettes a day, I had had it. I tried virtually everything to quit smoking and nothing worked! I saw Robin for a free consultation and two hypnosis sessions and after just the first session I walked out a free man! I would recommend hypnosis to anyone. It was a great experience!” ~DPD, Salem, Oregon


 “After 24 years of smoking, I thought I would never be able to quit. I was desperately searching for help when I found Robin. From the moment we spoke, I knew I had found a friend. Robin helped me quit smoking in just one session! I never had one craving or desire for a cigarette again! It was astounding and almost unbelievable! I am so happy and grateful for this new lease on life. Thank you, Robin, I now have “a New Perspective” and I am loving the  rest of my life.” ~ GB, Hillsboro, Oregon


 Emotional Stress 
Robin used a process called Timeline Hypnosis (NLP technique) which helped to put a clear perspective on my past.  This new perspective helped me improve my future outlook on my life!” ~ JM, Beaverton, Oregon


 Sugar Addiction & Self Esteem
Robin is very understanding and easy to talk to. She helped me to create a powerful shift in my consciousness with only a few sessions. I would recommend her to anyone who has low self-esteem or needs assistance with any emotional problems or addictions!” ~ YB, Beaverton, Oregon


 Weight Issue & Self Esteem
“Working with Robin has created such a solid foundation for me to address difficult issues in a safe way. This has allowed me to create significant shifts in my life, both on the inside and with tangible outcomes. I initially just wanted to lose weight. I not only have lost 7 pounds and 11 inches in three weeks, but I also have a new job, am dating  and feeling a deeper sense of satisfaction in my life.” ~ KT, Portland, Oregon

“Robin used Rapid Eye with me because I was holding onto negative feelings from a past relationship that made me feel powerless. The RET experience enabled me to release negative energy that I had been holding onto on a cellular level for years and years. Immediately after our session, I felt lighter and more empowered. I felt a new level of love and compassion which really helped me to release that which no longer served me. I definitely felt a new perspective.”
~TA, Portland


 “Robin made me feel like I am not the only one who has difficult experiences. She took me to a comforting place where I was able to open up. The Timeline Hypnosis (NLP technique) was very enlightening! It made me more conscious of my feels. I felt a sense of empowerment, the process helped me to identify feelings that were deeply buried that I was avoiding and hiding from. I was able to nurture my inner child, which gave me my power back. I am more mindful of my eating habits and back in control of my life! I would absolutely recommend working with Robin and her techniques!” ~ TS, North Plains, Oregon 


 “In a few short months, My life has changed completely. I am 40 lbs. thinner, I have been to Europe, and I just got a promotion on my job. I have never felt more relaxed than after a hypnosis session with Robin. Thanks, Robin!” ~ R.K. Alaska


 “I’ve done therapy before, but nothing like Robin’s approach. She does not point the way, gently remind, add her two cents – she creates a vessel out of which I was able to reach out and find my own path. In that vessel, I realized  the problems and traumas of my past weren’t in the past…they were in my present, repeated as a daily mantra, as  a silent reminder “you can’t do it, you can’t do it.” Robin said, in effect, let’s relax and see if you can find a way yourself, for yourself, of yourself in which you can do it. She did what she said she could: create the vessel. And I  did what I should have done 45 years ago. Walking from her office after our time together was the most joyous walk I’ve ever experienced. Oh yes, I found I can do it. All true.” ~ MK, Portland, Oregon


“I have been working with Robin Hart for almost five years and found her guidance to always be successful and from the heart. I have utilized her skills in many areas of her expertise from personal growth to relationship coaching. I  find her intuition and understanding of energy and spirit guided by the heart facilitates results quickly and effectively. I personally recommend her skills and services to anyone who would like a holistic approach to problem-solving, life skill guidance, positive hypnosis, or any other modality she has to offer. She is truly a blessing.”  ~TG, Aloha, Oregon


 Insomnia, Weight Loss & More!
“I heard about Anew Perspective from a friend, and since I was looking for alternatives to prescription drugs I thought I would give it a try. I bought the weight loss CD and listened to it in the morning and throughout the night. I have been on Ambien and Melatonin for insomnia for the last two years, but from the first night with the  CD, I haven’t had to take either to help me sleep! It seems unbelievable but it’s true! Along with insomnia I have been dealing with weight gain and depression. I feel all of it is due to menopause. Within a week, I began to notice other changes! I have been more active and have made healthier food choices! I know that with the continued support that I’ve gotten from Robin and the CD’s I will be able, for the first time, to live a life made up of healthier choices. I am very grateful to Robin and look forward to experiencing my new perspective on life!” ~ LH


 From a Colleague 
“As a Clinical Hypnotherapist myself, I highly recommend Robin. She is truly remarkable in weaving professionalism and intuition together for lasting results. Her amazing spirit soothes the soul on multiple levels of consciousness.” ~ JG, Portland, Oregon